Fire Cider Vinegar: A Natural Cold and Flu Remedy

I recently tried fire cider vinegar as a natural cold and flu remedy for the first time. This was after getting yet another cold. A cold which I honestly think was being passed back and forth between me and the current (still new) guy I've been dating. (Come on. I'm 44. I'm way too old to act the prude.) The results were quickly noticeable. By day three I felt like a whole new, shiny person. And that undying sinus headache, that typically only Sudafed takes care of, was quick to make a hasty retreat from the first use.

Fire Cider Cold And Flu Remedy I've been an advocate for apple cider vinegar for a number of years now. It all started with a quest to learn how to better manage my fibromyalgia after realizing that pain killers were literally the worst ever way to treat a chronic condition. I tried literally a zillion supplements and remedies during my hunt for a natural alternative. This journey led me to kombucha tea. Then, eventually, to an apple cider vinegar tonic